At Braywick Leisure Centre, we recognise the pressure and importance of making your child’s birthday party a truly memorable occasion. We provide a variety of popular birthday parties to suit children of all ages and interests 

Party food can also be arranged. Our trained staff will ensure that your child and their friends will have a great time. 

Choose from the list to make a birthday at Braywick Leisure Centre the best ever! 


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All aboard the bouncy pirate galleon. The pirate ship comes with a slide and some great pop-ups inside, including an inflatable mast, pirates, and a large underwater-themed soft play area. This inflatable will give your party the wow factor! 

Ages: 3 years + 

Maximum number of guests: 30 

Price: £237.25 (2 party hosts included)

Disco lights, the latest chart sounds, skate hire and stewards! There’ll be fun and games to keep everyone entertained. 

Ages: 5 years+ 

Maximum number of guests: 40 

Price: £262.20

Dart Tag is the latest craze to sweep the UK, bringing the excitement of paintball to far younger markets than ever before. Dart Tag is a completely safe, fun and competitive activity. Players use air blasters, which fire safe, foam darts, as they play games around our inflatable battlefield. 

Ages: 6 years + 

Maximum number of guests: 20 

Price: £262.20 (2 party hosts and party tea room included) 


We bring you the biggest and most impressive Inflatable Obstacle course. 

This is a deluxe three section 73ft long version, 

Suitable for children and adults this really is a stand-out-from-the-crowd inflatable that can suck the energy from the fittest of competitors. 

Twin lanes for two users to race and literally Jam packed full of different obstacles and ending with a slide, Who will be victorious? 

Ages: 5 years+ 

Maximum number of guests: 20 

Price: £297.00 (2 party hosts and food area included)