Braywick Leisure Centre Swimming

*No refunds or transfers will be permitted - please ensure booking is correct before confirming with payment

Family Swimming is currently in the SMALLER SWIMMING POOL ONLY (see image below)

This is available to book online, please read through the information below before booking. Once ready to book please click the link which will take you through to our online booking system.

Braywick Leisure Centre Family Swim booking Terms and Conditions:

  • Online bookings for family swimming can be made up to 7 days in advance.
  • All sessions are available to book online.
  • Please bring a copy (printed or electronic) of your booking confirmation and present it to reception on arrival. 
  • No refunds or transfers will be given.
  • If you have not adhered to the Attendance Rules and the supervision ratio, you will not be allowed entrance into the pool and there will be no refund issued.
  • Covid Rules apply, if you do not adhere to these you will not be allowed entrance into the pool and there will be no refund issued.
  • Please allow time to park and pay and display prior to your booked swimming session.
  • Swim sessions at Braywick Leisure Centre are for a guaranteed 1 hour, beginning from the stated start time of your booked session, you will be permitted access 15 minutes before and after you allocated swim session to change.
  • Admission to the changing village is not permitted until the 15 minutes prior to the booked swim session
  • All normal pool rules apply, these can be found on our website.
  • Lockers operate using a padlock.
  • If, for reasons beyond our control, your session is cancelled, we will endeavour to contact you prior to your arrival at Braywick Leisure Centre and a full refund will be given.
  • Disabled ticket - All ages - will require to verify your ticket status on arrival failure to do this will require payment of full ticket price.

  • Disabled plus carer ticket - this ticket includes 2 spaces with a carer free of charge but we will require to you verify your ticket status on arrival failure to do this will require payment of full ticket price.

Parking Terms And Conditions:

  • The car park at Braywick Leisure Centre is operated on a pay & display basis with car park enforcement rules apply. Failure to do so may result in a penalty charge.
  • It can be very busy at weekend, school holidays and bank holidays so please arrive with sufficient time to park safely.
  • Blue badge holders are exempt from the parking restrictions provided your badge is clearly displayed

Attendance Rules:

  • Swimmers will adhere to covid rules and the only people in their party are from their immediate family or support bubble.
  • Adult ticket - Aged 16 - 65 years 
  • Child ticket - Aged 3- 15 years
  • Infant Ticket - Aged 0-2 years 
  • Senior ticket - Aged 66 over  
  • Swimmers within the booking comply with the supervision ratios of the pool;
    • 1 adult to 1 child under 4 years old
    • 1 adult to 1 child under 4 and 1 child between 4-7 years
    • 1 adult to 2 children between 4-7 years old
    • 1 adult and up to 5 children over the age of 8 years.
    • 1 adult and 1 under 4 and up to 4 over 8 years
    • 1 adult and 1 under 4, 1 aged between 4-7years and up to 3 over 8 years
    • 1 adult and 2 aged between 4-7 years and up to 3 over 8 years.
  • All sessions are non-refundable or transferable
  • Do not attend if you have diarrhoea, or 48 hours after diarrhoea and vomiting symptoms have stopped
  • Do not attend for 14 days after diarrhoea and vomiting symptoms have stopped,  if you have been told you have cryptosporidium
  • Do not attend if you have a fever or otherwise feel ill
  • Do not attend if you are under the influence of drink and drugs.
  • Babies and toddlers are required to wear a swim nappy.
  • It is the parents/guardians responsibility to provide arm bands or flotation devices for any child who requires these aids.
  • No outdoor shoes to be permitted in the changing rooms. Shoe cover available on entry to the changing rooms..

Pool Rules:

  • No Diving
  • No Running
  • No Outdoor footwear
  • No bombing
  • No acrobatics
  • No shouting
  • No heavy petting
  • No food or drink on poolside
  • No glass
  • Do  listen to lifeguards at all times
  • Do shower before entering the pool
  • Do supervise children at all times
  • Do have fun!

Covid Rules:

  • We ask customer to come swim ready for their session
  • Sanitise their hands and temperature taken on entry to the building.
  • Follow social distancing at all times
  • Wear a facial mask whilst circulating through the building.
  • Check in at reception for your session
  • No showering or hair dryers available.
  • Cubicles sanitised after each use, please use available signage after using a changing room.
  • Maximum of 6 swimmers per booking from the same household.
  • If you show any signs of covid-19 please do not attend. This includes high temperature, a new persistent cough, a loss or change of taste/smell.
  •  Please follow government guidelines regarding the tiered system. (link to government website)


Membership Type


Swim Only (Fixed 12 month minimum DD) £27.00

Membership Includes:

  • Full access to 25-metre/10 lane fitness and leisure pool during public sessions
  • Full access to Sauna & Steam Rooms - 18 years and over
  • 3-month Car Park Pass for only £15 for upto 3 hours
  • Under 18's must join in centre and accompanied by a parent/guardian 




Term Dates:

50 week programme

Monday 12th April 2021 - Sunday 19th December 2021

Term time 38 week programme 

Monday 19th April 2021 - Friday 16th July 2021

*Excluding Monday 31st May - Friday 4th June 2021

Monday 6th September - Friday 17th December 2021

*Excluding Monday 25th - Friday 29th October 2021

For more information email 



Monthly Direct Debit:

Braywick Leisure Centre

Monthly Direct Debit:

  • 50 week programme - £33.75
  • Term time 38 week programme - £25.65
  • Adult daytime Swimming lessons - £38.48
  • 50 week programme 45 minutes - £42.19
  • 50 week programme 60 minutes - £50.62
  • Price Per 30 minute lesson - £8.10

  To enquire, email 

  • All children over three will have to wear a swimming hat
  • All children under three are required to wear a swim nappy
  • Parents/guardians are required to stay within the building during the lesson*Covid restrictions may apply
  • No parents or spectators are allowed on the poolside
  • The unisex changing village is situated next to the main pool
  • A padlock is required to operate the lockers
  • Please do not leave clothes bags and belongings and attended
  • For the protection of privacy please do not change the children on the side of the pool or public walkway
  • Correct swimwear must be worn, board shorts or shorts below the knees are not acceptable

To inquire, email 

Discovery Ducklings: Adult & Child lessons

The Swim England Discovery Ducklings Awards are the start of the learn to swim experience for all children. These awards are perfect for babies, and toddlers and pre-school children who are new to swimming lessons. Ideal for gaining water confidence while staying close to adult support.

Discovery Ducklings 1: 3-12mths 

Book online here

  • Introduces your baby into water and will encourage early confidence with the use of nursery rhymes and special teaching practices. 

Discovery Ducklings 2: 1-2 years 

Book online here 

  • Developing skills and building confidence already introduced in  Discovery Ducklings 1. Children will be at ease with having their face  splashed with water and travel through the water on their front and backs. 

Discovery Ducklings 3: 2-3 years 

Book online here

  • Children will be working towards swimming with buoyancy aids but without support from the adult. Happy to get their faces and heads wet and be happy to be submerged under the water.They will work  towards being able to jump with support from the adult. 

For more information email 

Our pre-school program for children aged 3 years+

Parents do not need to go in the water with their child. 

Duckling Awards are the next step on from the Discovery Duckling  Awards. They are designed to help toddlers enjoy learning to swim  without help from their parents or guardians. Ducklings 1 will see  children start to move by themselves in the water. By Ducklings 4  your child will be jumping in, going underwater, floating and swimming five metres without support. Duckling Awards are great at promoting  increased independence and water confidence, to help prepare for  Stage 1. If your child can not swim without buoyancy aids then they  require Ducklings 1 or 2. If your child can swim without buoyancy aids then they  require Ducklings 3 or 4. 

Ducklings 1

Ducklings 2

  • Confident non-swimmer kicking with a float on front,  face in the water - Book online here

Ducklings 3

Ducklings 4

For more information email 

The ASA learn to swim awards 1–7 are divided into Progressive stages.

They make up the call national syllabus of learning to swim for primary school age children. They are designed to reward your child for the development of the essential aquatic skills they need to be confident, competent and safe in the water.


Can your child swim without buoyancy aids?

No, Stage 1 /  Yes, Stage 2-7 

Do they swim? Non swimmer Stage 1 

Can swim up to 5 m on front and can put face in water comfortably? Stage 2

Swim over 5 m front crawl, backstroke and basic breaststroke? Stage 3

10 m front crawl backstroke and breaststroke in water out of their depth? Stage 4

10 m front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly in water out of their depth? Stage 5

15 m front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly? Stage 6

25 m front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly? Stage 7

For more information email the swim team

Stage 1 

Book online here

Moving forwards and backwards through the water for a distance of 5 metres.  Blowing bubbles with face in the water, regaining an upright position from the  front and the back. Moving into a stretched floating position using aids or support. 

Stage 2 

Book online here

Push and glide from the wall on both front and back breathing normally  (attempting to turn on the side) and back for 5 metres. Rotate from front to back  and back to front, regaining a standing position. 

Stage 3  - Water out of their depth 

Book online here

Push and glide on both front and back into a log roll. Travel on front and rotate on  to back. Swim 10 metres on both front and back (turning to the side to breath)  breathing normally. Demonstrate breaststroke arms and legs. Fully submerge to  pick up an object.  

Stage 4 - Water out of their depth 

Book online here

Push and glide from wall to the pool floor. 10 metres front crawl, backstroke,  breaststroke and butterfly legs, attempting arms. Head first sculling action for 5  metres in a horizontal position. Perform a sequence of floating positions. 

Stage 5 - Water out of their depth 

Book online here

Performing a sculling action for 5 metres whilst horizontal on back and a 5 metre  feet rst scull. Tread water for 30 seconds. Swim a competent front crawl,  backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly for 10 metres. Perform a somersault and  handstand. 

Stage 6 - Water out of their depth 

Book online here

Sink, push off the side from the wall, glide, kick and rotate into both front crawl and  breaststroke. Swim 10 metres with clothes on. 25 metres front crawl, backstroke,  breaststroke and butterfly, all with rhythmical breathing. Perform a surface dive. 

Stage 7 - Water out of their depth 

Book online here

Swim 25 metres for all 4 strokes. Swim 50 metres continuously using 1 stroke and  10 metres using 3 different strokes. Forward and backward somersault. Log roll,  head first and feet first sculling. Various floating and sinking skills.

Stages 8, 9 & 10 - Competitive swimming -

 Book online here

Once a swimmer has completed Stage 1- 7 they have the option to move on to our  competitive swimming programme. Here they will develop the skills to go on to  competitive swimming in a club environment, without the commitment of early  mornings and more than one session a week. There will also be an introduction to  personal survival and diving. 

For more information email 

Book online here 


To gain basic water confidence and travel through the water with aids.  To develop basic movements towards learning the strokes. 


To improve underwater confidence and progress towards swimming  unaided on front and back. To develop the ability to perform  breaststroke, backstroke and front crawl. 


Designed for adults who can swim a reasonable distance on their front and back. To develop their technique and style in all strokes with the correct breathing, whilst gaining confidence in deep water.


To perform the three main strokes to a good level, showing correct technique, rhythm and confidence in the water. Tuition will include diving and introduction to personal survival. 

Adult Classes 16 years+

Class Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
Adult Beginners 20:00pm   08:30am 10:00am  
Adult Improvers



  07:30am 10:00am  
Adult Advanced 21:00pm     10:00am  
Aquafit   09:00am 10:00am    

*Classes are all 1 hour long

For information email 

*Any private swim lesson purchase, is an agreement between the customer & the private swim teacher.

Suzanne - 07815 834495

Paula - 07929 766953

Kasia - 07860 338499

Kaja - 07816 188596

Julie -  07771 870223

Steph - 07557 917092

Karin - 07910 012493

Ali Reilly -


Contact Charlotte on or 07918962153

Braywick Leisure Centre
4 years+
Stage 1 & Stage 2 only
Monday 2nd August - Friday 6th August
Monday 16th August - Friday 20th August
8:00-8:30am, 8:30-9:00am
£35.50 per week