Dear all, 

Following ongoing customer feedback, and feedback in our quarterly customer forums we have made some small changes in the gym areas;

The feedback we have received;

  • Requests for cardio equipment upstairs to absorb the view
  • Concerns that the current free weight proximity is too close to the fire exit and is a Health & Safety hazard
  • Repeat damages sustained to flooring and walls in the upstairs area
  • Requests for additional space to accommodate our WOD classes and increase their capacity
  • Requests for additional functional classes due to popular demand
  • Feedback on unused equipment that takes up valuable space
  • Feedback regarding response time to equipment repairs.

What we have done so far;

  • Half racks have been located downstairs to allow space for the cardio, classes and functional training to be delivered upstairs
  • The preacher curl has moved along the wall to aid in the prevention of benches being placed in front of the fire exit
  • Following a risk assessment review, the benches have been moved closer to the dumbbell racks (which are now located between the half racks) to allow our members easier access and keep the fire exit clear.
  • The assisted pull-up machine has been located to a more visible area to promote use.
  • Rowing machines and Wattbikes have been relocated upstairs as per requests and can form part of the functional workout.
  • Rowing machine relocation also falls in line with recent risk assessment reviews regarding movement whilst in use.
  • Equipment repairs are now more efficient, our equipment suppliers are contacted within 48 hours of the fault being reported. 

What is planned for the future

  • We will continue to listen to feedback from our valued members
  • We will relocate the mirrors on the ground floor 
  • We are aware that the current equipment is becoming outdated and are currently communicating with various suppliers. We are in the initial stages of the planning process regarding updated equipment and once we have confirmed information, there will be a member and customer consultation before any large scale project in the gym commences
  • We will be advertising and keeping our members informed of all updates and asking for feedback via our app and during the April Customer Forums. 

We will endeavor to keep you updated every step of the way. As always, the gym team is on hand to listen to your views or alternatively, complete a customer comment card located in the main reception, please email

Karen Woodward

Interim Fitness Manager WLC