Disability & Inclusive Activities Week

Saturday 18 June - Friday 24 June 2022

WHAT IS ON OFFER? Click here for the booklet

Disability & Inclusive activities week offers a variety of sporting and physical activity sessions for those individuals living with disabilities. The aim of the week is to encourage those who are living with disabilities to take part in sport and physical activity on a weekly basis. Over the week, local sports clubs and activity providers are opening their doors to give the public an opportunity to see what is on offer and to try out various sporting activities. Please see age groups, specific requirements and booking information for each activity detailed within this leaflet. 

All activities run over the week will be FREE of charge. 

Leisure Focus Trust and Maidenhead United FC Community Trust are organising the Disability & Inclusive Week in partnership with Sports Clubs and activity providers. 


  1. Look through the timetable and choose your activities 
  2. Contact the activity providers to book your place 
  3. Take part in the session 
  4. Join the club 


  • At the time of print, sessions are as set out in the timetable. Sessions can be subject to change and may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Please contact the relevant clubs to book a place and also to confirm the session is running. We apologise in advance for any alterations to the stated dates and times. 
  • Leisure Focus Trust is not the agent of the business(s) / sports clubs mentioned nor affiliated with them in any way and makes no claims as to the capabilities of those service providers. You should make your own enquiries as to the suitability, safety etc by checking on membership of trade associations and other relevant bodies and where applicable on adequate insurance cover. It is also prudent to seek independent references as appropriate


If you have any further enquiries or any feedback regarding Disability & Inclusive activities week, please feel free to contact Leisure Focus. 

We welcome all feedback and use this feedback to evaluate, plan and improve for future programmes. 

Email: jatinder.rakhra@leisurefocus.org.uk 

Telephone Number: 01753 778559 

It is with the deepest regret that we have had to cancel Parallel Windsor, the biggest celebration of disability inclusion of 2022.

The threat of a national rail shutdown means we cannot guarantee reliable travel for our performers, exhibitors and participants from all parts of the UK.

We have had significant cancellations over the past two weeks.

Parallel is all about inclusion and wellbeing. We take the welfare of our participants seriously, where safe and certain travel are integral to our event experience.

We will be making full refunds of tickets upon request at contact@parallellifestyle.com or tickets can be carried over to 2023.